Legacy Plains - Celestial Memorial - Toledo

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Legacy Plains Memorial Garden,

TOLEDO CEBU Toledo - is pre-offering and pre-selling reservations for its Phase - 1 development.

Single lot in-ground Property Investment Solution Measuring 2.5 square meter Double-tiered interments for two(2) fresh bodies contained in sealed concrete vaults Marked with uniform sized marble stoned, flushed in the ground

An in-ground Property Investment Solution Adjoining 4 or 8 lots identified by personalized memorial structure up to two (2) marble or granite half-niches. 4 lot garden measures up 10 sqm. 8 lot garden measures up 20 sqm.

Multi-lot Property Investment Solution Allows the construction of open-type courtyard Can accommodate nine(9) above ground interments and 12 in-ground interments or subject to approved designs Family Estate A multi-inventory solution that offers family the most exclusive type of memorialization. The property measures 37.50 sqm. composed of 15 contiguous lots buildable with a mausoleum as legacy for the coming generations

An above ground entombment Property Investment Solution commonly known as niches. The niches are covered with sandstone, accentuated with stainless steel name plates. Every block can have four layers that will allow single interment on each layer without compromising the expression of endearment and eternal remembrance.

An above ground entombment Property Investment Solution that can accommodate cremated or bone remains in niches that are covered with granite tile accentuated with stainless steel name plates. Each block can either have five(5) or six(6) layers and each niche can accommodate four(4) skeletal or cremated remains.

Landscaped Main Entrance Multi-Level Terrace Landscape Ecunumical Chapel Administration Building Street & Park Lightning Facilities Parking Bay & Off-Street Parking Concrete Road & Pathways Perimeter Fence & Security Rails Men's & Women's Restroom Underground Electrical System Private Water Supply

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