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Welcome to Golden Haven Cebu

When Golden Haven Memorial Park Inc. (GHMPI) was first launched, people can only bank on a promise. GHMPI developers touted it to be the best memorial park Cebu has ever seen, citing its unique rolling topography atop the hills of Talamban right within Cebu City just a few minutes away from the city center. But little did they know what that promise really meant, for now not even the park developers themselves could have seen then what the park has blossomed into now. Pope John Paul II Memorial Hill Amidst these inspiring effigies, Golden Haven abounds in lush blossoms and shady trees in an environment inspired by Spanish Colonial design. There you can be at peace and find the needed energy to face your day’s responsibilities.

A sea green of Bermuda grass cover the ground as nature gives her lasting embrace to your loved one. Lawn lots provide enough space for (2) bodies and not more than two (2) sets of bones or cinerary remains.

A place of tranquility with a lush setting of greeneries like your garden back home. It offers four (4) adjacent lawn lots and exposed memorial structure. The Garden Niche can accommodate eight (8) bodies and not more than eight (8) sets of bones or cinerary remains.

Because love knows no boundaries and memories are not meant to be forgotten there is the Family Patio. Ideal for gatherings, for every member of the family to take part in the celebration of memories and joyful remembrance of their loved one. It is comprised of a minimum of seven (7) lots with two exposed niches and four (4) bone vaults. It can accommodate ten (10) bodies and not more than eighteen (18) sets of bones or cinerary remains. You can even construct benches and perimeter wall for more privacy.

A testament of love to your dearly departed. A sanctuary from the outside world with a closed memorial structure – a mausoleum, for your loved one’s eternal repose. It comes in 10, 12, 14, 15, 18 or 24 lot configuration, depending on your needs. It is an area for both underground and above ground interment. It is characterized by an open or closed memorial structure which can house an unlimited number of interments. Fencing the property is allowed.

0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 Meters Maximum of 2 sets of bones or 4 regular sized urns GARDEN PLOTS 2 Meters x 2.5 Meters Double - internment Maximum of 6 body internment and 6 cinerary remains (bones/ash) Easy

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